Plantation Hospitality

Tour C3: Wednesday April 20 12:45 pm – Guide will meet guests at hotel with motor coach

Tour C6: Sunday April 24 8:00 am–Guide will meet guests at hotel with motor coach

Your tour today will take you to two historic plantations dating back to the colonial days.

Berkeley Plantation

Virginia’s most historic plantation and site of the first official Thanksgiving in America on December 4, 1619. Benjamin Harrison, son of the builder of Berkeley and the plantation’s berkeleysecond owner, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and three-time Governor of Virginia. William Henry Harrison, Benjamin’s third son, born at Berkeley, was the famous Indian fighter known as “Tippecanoe,” who later became the ninth President of the United States, in 1841. His grandson, Benjamin Harrison, was the 23rd President.

Today, visitors experience Berkeley’s famous hospitality in the 1726 Georgian mansion, furnished with rare period antiques. Berkeley’s crowning jewel is its magnificent grounds, including five terraces of restored English Boxwood and flower gardens offering breathtaking views of the James River.

Shirley Plantation

Shirley is the oldest plantation in Virginia (1613) and the oldest family-owned business in North America (1638). Shirley Plantation, granted to Edward Hill in 1660, features the pineapple (the Colonial symbol of hospitality) in the hand-carved woodwork in the house, and as a three-foot finial on the peak of the roof. And for good reason – Shirley was a well-known center of hospitality in Colonial times and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Enjoy a guided tour of the mansion, featuring original woodwork, family portraits, silver, and furniture, plus the famous “flying” staircase, and then stroll the grounds on your own to see the Old Kitchen, Laundry, Ice House/Granary, Tool Barn, Smokehouse, Stable, Root Cellar, Pump House, and Dovecote.

Return transfer to hotel

Length of Tour: 5 hours

Package includes:   Deluxe motor coach transportation
Admission and guided tour of Berkeley Plantation
Admission and guided tour of Shirley Plantation
All guides and tour services
Escort/guide gratuity