Registration Basics–read first

You can register online, or you can download and mail the PDF form attached here. Either way you can pay by check!!

PDF Registration Form

If you register on-line you may find it a much smoother experience than you are used to–we are using a new application called Event Espresso. For each event (including convention registration and ARS/ASA membership, you will be asked to specify Name 1 or Name 2. Later when you enter your personal information you will provide those names as you wish them on the badge. By entering this extra information you will be able to have your events and meal choices shown ON your badges.

This year, the form only accommodates two people. The old four-person form, when put into the present software, was far too long and cumbersome. If your party will be larger than two, simply register the first two, then start over for the next person(s)d on a second form.

Payment for online registration CAN be by check–you simply register but indicate that a check will be forthcoming: mail it to the registrars. If you choose “PayPal” you should know that today this option permits you to use most credit cards, bank transfers, wireless payment options, etc–as well as your PayPal account if you have one. It is NOT necessary to have a PayPal account to use this option–it is just a safe, low-cost (to the convention–it costs you nothing) merchant account with none of the monthly charges we would incur if we used a bank’s VISA/MASTERCARD account.

When you complete registration, you will receive an instant email confirmation of your registration. If you do not–or if you have any questions–please contact us!

David and Virginia Banks, Registrars
215 Charter House Lane
Williamsburg, VA 23188 USA