Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is the busy center of state government but it also has a peaceful side, steeped in history, with many world class attractions and delightful gardens. The focus of the Richmond Garden Tour is the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden which was recently named by USA Today as the Second Best Garden in North America. The 50-acre garden has many highlights such as the scenic Sydnor Lake and its adjacent theme gardens. The most prominent feature is the Conservatory that sits high on a hill and is filled with tropical plants, orchids, and seasonal displays that provide year round interest. Although a few collections focus on a single genus such as their Rose Garden, most of the plantings utilize a wide variety of plant materials to create a unified landscape that enhances the terraces, fountains, and garden paths.

We will also visit two private gardens north of Richmond on this tour. The garden of Roy, Madeline, and Elizabeth Cosby has an extensive collection of evergreen azaleas in a well-groomed landscape that includes rhododendron accents and companion plants under tall trees in a rural setting. They have been expanding their garden recently to add “legacy collections” of several Virginia azalea hybridizers. We will also visit a lovely Japanese garden overlooking the South Anna River developed by Mrs. Junko Liesfeld over a period of many years. In her landscape, she designed many beautiful water features and utilized large stones that she artistically had positioned before complementing them with a restrained use of traditional plant materials including azaleas and Japanese maples.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden


Cosby Garden



 Liesfeld Japanese Garden